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Alexia Pomoni

Alexia P.

Enthusiastic, flexible and able to maintain a positive and friendly relationship with students, I have been teaching French for 15 years in one on one and group courses. Adaptable and creative, I always make sure that students of all ages become active participants. Having the ability to adjust to various teaching environments I have successfully managed to work with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. My goal has always been to offer students  academic and personal development.

Nikoletta Tsouri

Nikoletta T.

 I have been a French teacher,  in the private sector, for about 25 years. My experience in the field of education  has shown me that the knowledge of a foreign language  is a really important skill. It broadens the horizons of all the people involved and facilitates work and communication. Personally  I teach in a variety of levels mostly A1,A2,B1,B2, focusing on both writing and oral skills. I also believe that teaching a foreign language brings you closer to the culture and temperament of a nation. I am always eager to contribute to the spread of the French language and culture!

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